Rudi’s Letter

This is a letter from Rudi to Swami Chetanananda (then Michael Shoemaker): "20 Sept. 72 Dear Michael, I am looking forward to returning to NY--hope you'll be there. It has been a hectic and difficult trip. It's been wonderful for Stuart and John. I've been by myself for 8 days in Hong Kong and Indonesia. It really got a little crazy as Peter can't keep quiet. He tries too hard and doesn't let me get the words out of my mouth before he talks. It's been amazingly good business-wise and gives me tons of Chinese goods when everything will be going that way for decorators for a few years. Hope you're settled in your new houses. Michael--you're by far the best and closest I have so try to stay relaxed. I love you too much for you to need to beat yourself into the ground. It will certainly happen for you. My best to all at the ashram. Love, Rudi" Letter to M Shoemaker Side 2Letter to M Shoemaker