Reflections on the Bhagavad Gita, Part 3

In this episode, Swami Chetanananda addresses:

  • the nature of the connection between teacher and student
  • the role of mistakes
  • how we deal with the understanding that we have no control
  • rising above pain and transforming it into joy
  • expressing contact, alignment and flow

Surrender, self-cultivation and devotion are  the steps to the completion of our worldly life process and the ultimate union with the Divine Reality. We need to practice for a long enough time to have the maturity to be able to see that we really have no control. Our experience of no control can either bring us severe disappointment or it can bring us to a state of peace and happiness.

We have to be big enough to encompass everything that happens, whatever it is, in the flow of our own self-cultivation. Rising above the whole notion of I and me and mine and who did what to whom, we come to understand that everything is the play of the creative energy of Life itself.