Swami Chetanananda is in residence at The Movement Center in Portland, Oregon, for much of the year. He teaches eyes-open meditation class, an advanced form of meditation with the potential for profound transformation. He also holds eyes-open class in Los Angeles, Orange County, New York and other cities occasionally. If you are interested in attending an eyes-open class with him, you can contact the The Movement Center office at 503.231.0383. Swamiji leads intensive practice retreats in Portland two or three times a year. The retreats generally last for 5 days. The daily program typically includes a morning talk, eyes-open class in the evening, hatha yoga, seva projects, and various special programs. Retreats conclude with darshan. For more information, contact The Movement Center offfice at 503-231-0383. Swami Chetanananda regularly offers programs at The Movement Center in Portland, Oregon, as well as Los Angeles and Orange County. Programs include:
  • eyes-open meditation practice
  • satsang
  • talks on philosophy, spiritual texts, and spiritual practice
  • intensive practice retreats