Eyes-Open Meditation

Eyes-Open Meditation

Eyes-open meditation is a dynamic practice with transformative effects. In eyes-open meditation, students sit as a group in silence with a teacher who represents the accumulated wisdom of the lineage as well as a limitless source of creative energy.

Eyes-open meditation is an opportunity for us to awaken our own creative energy. Our connection with the teacher is the bridge from our ordinary existence to the amazing possibility that exists for us. We can participate in the experience of the state of joy and fullness that is the foundation of our existence. In that experience, we are in contact with all of our senses, our personal reality, and from that place, we learn to make contact with the ultimate reality.

Participation in eyes-open meditation requires a simple set of tools that enable us to connect deeply to ourselves, to the teacher, and eventually to everything around us. In doing eyes-open meditation practice, we’re trained in how to maintain that center as we move throughout our day. We learn to fully occupy the space of our physical bodies and the space of our lives. We become aware of the subtle dynamics at work in our environment.

Eyes-open meditation was the practice Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) developed to share what he had received from his guru Nityananda, who did not give formal teachings. Like Dzogchen teaching and the highest practices of Kashmir Shaivism, eyes-open is a direct transmission experience. No words are necessary; no words are capable of conveying the radiance of pure awareness.

Eyes-open meditation is offered on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights at The Movement Center in Portland, Oregon. Swamiji also teaches eyes-open meditation at other locations from time to time. Check the calendar for upcoming programs.