Articles & Book Excerpts

Articles & Book Excerpts


Swami Chetanananda is the author of several books on spirituality, all of which are available from Rudra Press. Here are excerpts from several of his books:


Articles by Swamiji have been appeared in a variety of publications, including Parabola, Personal Transformation, New Connexions, and Yoga Northwest, as well as in Rudra magazine published by Nityananda Institute. Here are some selected articles:

  • "About the Maharthamanjari" first appeared in the November 1980 issue of Rudra, published by Nityananda Institute. Swami Chetanananda shares his thoughts about an 11th century Shaiva text by Mahesvarananda, that addresses the basis for spiritual understanding.
  • "The Mind" first appeared in the March 1981 issue of Rudra."The Mind" outlines how, through spiritual practice, we come to understand the source of our mind and become free from suffering.
  • "The Living Presence of Grace" from Rudra, December 1986. Through the mysterious interplay of grace and effort, we participate in the miracle of transformation.
  • "Five Keys to Mastery" from Rudra, November 1987.  Swamiji applies the principles of mastering an athletic endeavor to spiritual practice.
  • "To Participate Fully in the Flow of Life Itself"from Rudra, July 1988. In this piece, Swami Chetanananda shows how an understanding of the process of exchange unfolds into a profound appreciation of the underlying interconnectedness of all of life.
  • "Stillness" from Parabola, The Magazine of Myth and Tradition, Vol. XVII no. 3 (Fall 1992). This short article discusses the how ritual and mantra help us to achieve the experience of stillness.
  • "The Symphony of Life" from Music: Physician for Times to Come, edited by Don Campbell, copyright 1991, 1993, 1995. This paper addresses the theory of sound and vibration from a Shaiva perspective.
  • Self-Realization" from the Nityananda Institute News, Summer 1995. What we are willing to give determines the depth within ourselves from which we will be able to live.
  • "The Power of Spirit" from Personal Transformation, Spring 1998. This is an account of Swami Chetanananda's quest for transformation in his life.
  • "The Myth of Personal Control" from the Institute News, published by Nityananda Institute, Winter 1999. Here Swamiji talks about chaos—or total uncertainty—as the core of our existence.
  • "Tantra" from the Spring 2003 issue of Yoga Northwest. This article discusses the relationship between hatha yoga and tantric practice, dispels common misconceptions about tantra, and reviews the history, philosophy and practice of tantra.