Tension Is the Crystallization of Pressure (Excerpt from The Breath of God)

All pressure is only energy which will offer you either support or resistance. You decide which it will be. When you’re under pressure, if you get stuck in yourself and close up inside, then you block the flow of energy within yourself. Instead of flowing with the pressure, absorbing it, and transforming it in a creative way, you get stuck against it. Then it can only push you down. At that point, the pressure crystallizes within you as tension, signaling your resistance to chance.

The Breath of God coverAt the same time, all pressure always has the capacity to nourish and promote you endlessly. When you are able to flow within yourself and within your environment, then that flow allows the pressure you experience to support you. It can lift you up, as long as you continue to relate to it openly. Of course, as it does so, it may crunch a few bones, along with your brain and heart, but it will transform you as a person.

Your barometer to all this is your awareness of your energy centers (chakras), as well as the degree to which they are open, and to which you feel the flow within you. This flow will always tell you where you are. The more you open to it, the greater your capacity to absorb pressures of every kind.

The final point to this is for you to absorb the pressure your own inner chemistry creates as a reaction to the thought of its own death. After all, from a biological point of view, what is the ultimate pressure, if not death?  To hold your concentration through even this is to change your entire view of the world. Then, every other pressure that arises suddenly seems of little importance.

The Breath of God by Swami Chetanananda is available from Rudra Press.