Do It for the Love (Excerpt from There Is No Other)

Whatever we do, we should do it for the love of it. Doing things with and for love is valuable, and this is whether or not we are earning something for the work we do. Whatever we do with love enriches our life. In our daily work, when we make a good product, we make something that truly serves somebody, and we do it for the love of the whole process. When we do not do it for the love, if something does not go the way we planned, we may feel broken, a failure. This is not the case when we do what we do with love.

There Is No Other book coverSo if we are to earn a living and we are not at the point where we can make money doing what we love, then we wait tables, change oil, pump gas, sweep the floor, do whatever, with love. And we recognize that this is the beginning of investing in what we really love to do. This is how we build an authentic life. And we do not give up.

Real love manifests most powerfully in perseverance. We keep going, we keep working at it. So much of the challenge in our life is the highest creative power within us manifesting itself as some difficulty and teaching us about ourself and itself and about the extraordinary potential that exists within. Hardship is not about what a bad person we are or what a bad person someone else is. It is about each of us deciding exactly what kind of person we are going to be.

We do what we do every day with love and devotion. We try to have expansive lives full of love and respect for everybody, not because we are trying to please anyone we think is judging us and not because we are worried about what God is going to feel about us when this is all over. We do it for the love because that is the kind of person we want to be--that is the kind of person we are.

The truly important moments in our life, the important experiences, do not give us a second chance. The most important moments, we have one chance at, and that is it. We practice every single moment of every day because we do not know which day, which hour, will bring that pivotal moment. And if we are always doing what we are doing with love and respect, then when those precious moments arise, we will appreciate the preciousness in them, and one chance will be enough.

There Is No Other, by Swami Chetanananda, is available from Rudra Press